Welcome to the Niagara Region Musicians Association!

Thank you for visiting our website, and welcome! If you are a musician that resides in the Niagara Region, and make your living in whole or in part, thru the performance of Live or recorded Music, this website is for you!

If you are are part of the public at large and have occasion to engage the services of Musicians for your Event or Function, or require professional Musicians Services for your Lounge, Hotel, or Restaurant, you have also come to the right place!

Our member musicians are very dedicated to the performance of Music, and our membership includes most of the finest musicians in the Niagara Region. they are known not only for their dedication, but also consulate talent, professionalism, and reliability.

When a member of the public at large engages the services of NRMA Musicians and Acts they are often times receiving the very best Musicians that the Niagara Region has to offer. The NRMA proudly represents the Freelance community, as well as Niagara Symphony and Shaw Festival Musicians.

My Son the Hurricane

Members Since 2017

Mantini Sisters

Members Since 1999

Jim Casson

Member Since 1999

Walter Ostanek

Member Since 1956

The Mandevilles

Serena Pryne / Nick Lesyk
Members since 2010

Erika Janzen

Member since 1976

David Iannandrea

Member since 2010

Lindsey Mills

Member since 2016

Hot Garbage

Member since 2017

Winston James

Member since 1966

Laura Thomas

Member since 1998

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We encourage you to have a leisurely peruse thru our website. Musicians will discover a wide variety of benefits to joining our organization! Feel free at anytime to contact us for more information or if you have questions. You will find our staff  to be helpful and engaging! When it comes to Musicians we are here to help!

The Niagara Region Musicians Association is an affiliate of the Canadian Federation of Musicians, and the American Federation of Musicians. The Niagara Region Musicians Association has been assisting Niagara Musicians since 1933.