The Niagara Region Musician’s  Association Is pleased to enhance our regions Arts and Culture landscape by helping to support live music opportunities through the Music Performance Trust Fund.
The MPTF Is funded  through a royalty stream from the signatory record labels, led by the three major labels, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and the Warner Music Group. The MPTF today presents thousands of live, admission-free musical programs annually in the United States and Canada. These funds are supplemented by co-sponsoring organizations and administered by a Trustee, who is independent of both the recording industry and the AFM.
Music of all styles is brought to a total audience numbering in the millions and covering all age groups and segments of society. Music ranging across all genres ,is staged at venues including (but not limited to) parks, schools, concert halls, shopping malls, veterans’ hospitals, nursing homes and more.
The Fund sponsored or co-sponsored over 1,700 free live events in 2017. MPTF performances are never used to raise money, sell merchandise or promote political or religious events.
Working in tandem with union locals in various cities, the MPTF places music in the schools, with priority given to music that enhances education and affords students an opportunity to enjoy live music and interact with professional musicians.
If you are a working Musician or live music event organizer, and would like to know more about MPTF co-sponsorship for live music events, please contact the NRMA for more information.
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