Retirement and the Golden Years. If you are like most Canadians preparing for it can be a bit of a challenge. Only 37% of Canadians have a Registered Pension Plan through their workplace.  In most cases, Canada Pension Plan and OAS is insufficient to meet the retirement goals of the average Canadian. As such, the vast majority of Canadians are faced with the challenge of trying to prepare for their Golden Years with some additional instruments of retirement planning.
Musicians are certainly no exception! They work hard at their art and their business!
Canadian Federation of Musician Members can take steps to better advance their retirement plans  by participating in the Musicians Pension Fund of Canada. The Musicians Pension Fund of Canada is well funded, to the tune of $750 Million, and is quick and easy to participate in!
Contact our office today to learn how you, as a member, can participate in this exciting Pension Vehicle! If your are a full time Pro Musician or Part time Pro Musician you can qualify and take steps to planning for a better retirement!
Contact our office for more details! We are here to help!

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