Canadian Federation of Musicians have access to a wide variety of Contracts that are designed by legal experts to help protect them in the event of default. These contracts are designed by legal professionals and are the Musicians best defence against unfortunate remission of payment obligations or other dispute.
We’ve got your back! if you and your employer have severally endorsed an AFM contract, and you have filed the contract with the local office of the AFM, that allows a representative from the local to initiate efforts to settle your claim of default.
Members also have access to Recording Contracts that help protect the Musician, and those protections include new use and re-use of the recorded material.
Members can access a host of Contracts to help protect them in any live performance or Recording situation. Contact the Niagara Region Musicians Association today, and we will help you find the contract that is just right for your gig!


The AFM and CFM officials negotiate wage and working conditions in order to maintain minimum standards for its members involved in recording, TV shows, music videos, commercials, films, video games and traveling theatrical productions.  The AFM and CFM also can provide a legally binding contract for any type of engagement, and when properly executed and filed with the appropriate local union office (being where the engagement takes place), they allow the local officer or AFM/CFM to help collect payments in the case of a default. 

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